Welcome To My World

This site presents my creative journeys to date and my ongoing travels...

Music, Light, and Words

I work with music, light, and words, and you will find examples of some of my creative efforts here on this site.

I am an advocate and contributor of public art. That is, art produced in any media that is free to access, whether in the real world or online. My work in digital form is free for personal enjoyment, however it may not be used for commercial gain.


I publish my work on my websites, the most prominant of which follow...

The Rights of Living Things sets out the entitlements of life and the conduct of sentient beings. 100 Artworks is an evolving retrospective of my work across all media, The Profit of Art reveals my views about the purpose of art, and EyeInvent, is a gallery of all my visual output.

News and Featured Work


Why Art?

Why build? Why make? For me it comes down to three things: the first is that the creation of art can be an expression of love, the second is that I believe art in all its forms has the potential to move us to change ~ both personally and with others, and the third is that art can provoke a continuing memory of our existence when we are not present.