Private and Public Art

When I create something, there is a moment when I have to let it go, for otherwise it may never reach the place it most belongs.

The Power of LIght
  • A Public Path

    A Private Voyage

  • I create public art - that is, art and publications that are free for anyone to enjoy. Much of my work is easily identifiable, but some is not. My clearly attributable work, for example 100 Artworks, invites conversation. Other, less easily attributable works are published anonymously.
  • When I create work that does not have an easy path to discover the originator, it allows the visitor to focus wholly on the content. The originator is removed from the equation so what is communicated is not interpreted through the lens of a particular individual. One of my aims in publishing these less easily attributed, enigmatic destinations is to heighten the potency of their content.
  • I hope too that those things I create have the strength to stand by themselves without the knowledge of authorship to bolster their impact.

The Call of Life

  • There are degrees of anonymity in the work I publish. You might for example chance upon the site Altruism Today. This place presents my guiding principle: the importance of giving for the greater good. In its purest form altruism requires no need of return. Placing a link to my personal site from Altruism Today, or disclosing my name, has the potential to undermine the core message - attribution might appear self-serving. I therefore decided Altruism Today would be more compelling for those who visit without these distractions. There are however a number of paths curious people can relatively easily discover the identity of the site's authorship. For example, I place links to Altruism Today here, as those visiting may wish to know more about me and the reasons for the approaches I take. As the visitor's purpose is very different I consider disclosing my identity as appropriate.
  • The reasons for publishing anonymously may sometimes be personal, or it may be that I wish to heighten a sense of mystery. This approach encourages those who chance upon such a place to absorb my work in an intimate and private setting.
  • Some of my work is available in both private and public locations, and therefore it may be experienced very differently from one place to another - context is everything...
  • It has taken many years for me to reach the point of sharing what I do (what I am) in the way that I do. I accept there may be some who discover my identity as the author of an anonymous publication. My hope is whenever people find my non-attributed work and uncover my hand is behind it, they respect my wish for anonymity.
  • Thank you for stepping by in your private moment, and enjoy your ongoing journey!
  • Mike